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Lara Croft and the Silver Key

Because obvs Olwen Davies as Lara Croft!

Remember Me

Finally got to have a go of Nier: Automata, it's a lot of fun, def worth a go if you haven't yet And it has put me in a sci fi kinda mood
Back when Capcom announced Remember Me from DONTNOD I was immediately sucked into its world and character, so I made a short film to tie in with it's release. …

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Clock Tower Zero

'no matter what you do for others, you will only do it because it benefits yourself'
Just a poster for an idea that's been floating around in my head for a while, maybe one day me and Olwen will make it, maybe not

N.B. I recently watched Phenomena, the Dario Argento film that inspired the …

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Bonnie & Clyde: We Rob Banks

A Golden Oldie for ya! This is the first short film i made after graduating and setting up Zenithfilms. It's very Blade Runner and also very violent lol
Big ups to icon girl pistols for allowing me the use of their awesome tune for the opening anime inspired intro
The Year is 2123
Welcome to New…

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With the new season of Twin Peaks working for some but not for others (it's kind of hit and miss for me), here's my short film EPiSODE, that is loosely inspired by season 1 of Twin Peaks, along with the unofficial Twin Peaks game 'Deadly Premonition' and a little bit of Silent Hill thrown in for goo…

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T.L.E. Poster Art

The always amazing Olwen Davies as Tle in my future project T.L.E.

You will see a lot of Olwen here as she is my leading lady in nearly everything I am making now and plan to make in the future.

I am very thankful that our paths crossed at the time they did =D

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Tonight is the night

To donate to SHRequiem:
FAQ on the film, release dates etc:

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T.L.E. A Cyberpunk Adventure

With Silent Hill Requiem and then Splatterhouse on the itinerary for the coming year, I do like to take a little time out to mess around with T.L.E. mainly playing with the art style for now.

This has been the progression, the last image is what I'm going with currently, but knowing me it will pr…

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Website Special Post

Yes I am on all the social wedias you can think of BUT

This website exists because of a donation from a very nice man who wanted to help me out

Therefore, as a sign of respect, you will see stuff here that you wont see anywhere else

For example, this bkg asset, which I'm sure those die hard…

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Can I axe you a question?

When it's a trick, you get an axe ;)

To donate to SHRequiem:
FAQ on the film, release dates etc:

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