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A Wake?

Got youtube on a random play while I edit (and drink bourbon ) and 'Super Best Friends Play Alan Wake' has come on, which reminds me, we filmed a Proof of Concept for an Alan Wake series a while back... will have to get back to that after everything else, though I hear Alan Wake 3 is coming, so prob…

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SHR Music Video

So once I have got Silent Hill Requiem finished, I think I am going to revisit this music video and re-edit it. We made this music video as a thank you after the film was crowdfunded and thus the cutaways within it are taken from the original Proof of Concept, which are of a different actress pl…

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And Time!

I have now finished editing the last shot of Silent Hill Requiem!! Only took me 3 years and 23 days 0_o

The entire shoot took around 30 days, with a few extra days for reshoots and additional content I felt the film needed during editing.

I am now editing shots for the Proof of Concept for Sil…

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