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Silent Hill Requiem Teaser 3

Just keep swimming

Here's to another week of feverishly editing, staring deeply at the monitor, consuming snacks, drinking endless cups of tea and posting stupid statuses on FB to keep away the cabin fever But THE EVEN BETTER NEWS is I only got a few storyboard pages of SHRequiem left to go!!!! Then comes the audio (…

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What to post?

Oh I dunno, how about some Work in Progress of my Parasite Eve proof of concept ;)
It's on a long list of things to edit between big projects so..

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Cheryl Mason?

You don't fuck with Cheryl Mason!

(Or Olwen Davies for that matter ;) lol)

Dark Skies

When I sit up all night watching SHMUP game reviews I tend to get big ideas lol

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Cyberpunk Times

So much horror everyday for me that I just need to get my cyberpunk on from time to time
Oh look it's all pictures of Olwen, who'd have thunk it 0_o

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Olwen Davies

When you just meet that perfect actress to bring all your crazy ideas to life.

The always awesome Olwen Davies


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Most asked question about Silent Hill Requiem

Even with a FAQ I still get ppl asking me the same questions, so here is the most popular Q&A for all to see
Q: I’m not a backer of Silent Hill Requiem so how can I get to see the finished film, will it be on youtube?
The full feature length version of Silent Hill Requiem (2hrs) will not …

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Witch! Demon! GOD KILLER!!

To donate to SHRequiem:
FAQ on the film, release dates etc:

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Mr Sunderland

'Mr Sunderland, back so soon? I'm afraid Rachel's on her rounds. How's the wife?'
To donate to SHRequiem:
FAQ on the film, release dates etc:

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Silent Hill 3 Released!

Ooops missed it by a few hours, but Silent Hill 3 released 14 years ago in Japan, yesterday

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Della Day

Please join me in wishing Della Day a massive Happy Birthday!
For those that don't know, Della originally played Cheryl in the SHRequiem Proof of Concept, she couldn't continue the role into the feature due to other commitments but does cameo in the film as someone else

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Violet Rain

Who's played Velvet Assassin? It's awesome right!
Well I took the main character 'Violette Szabo' and put her in something else
It's Diesel Punky and done in the style of a graphic novel. This was the second film I release
Violet Rain:

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