Most asked question about Silent Hill Requiem

Even with a FAQ I still get ppl asking me the same questions, so here is the most popular Q&A for all to see
Q: I’m not a backer of Silent Hill Requiem so how can I get to see the finished film, will it be on youtube?
The full feature length version of Silent Hill Requiem (2hrs) will not be available on my Youtube channel. There will be a Special Preview of the opening 13 minutes as a taster.

If you are still interested in seeing the rest of the film after its opening 13 minutes, there are two ways to see the full Silent Hill Requiem film.

– Head over to the Silent Hill Requiem website today and make a donation for either a Digital or Optical copy of the film. Available on release (Date TBA).

– Or you can wait for my next Indiegogo Campaign for 'Silent Hill Lazarus', my proposed sequel, and by becoming a backer of Silent Hill Lazarus you will also get a copy of Silent Hill Requiem (This campaign will start once SHRequiem is released)

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