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Attention musicians

Just throwing this out there to any musicians who follow the blog.
Once I wrap on SHRequiem I will be moving onto the Splatterhouse web series, and the score for that I'm thinking Death/Heavy Metal music.
So if any of you reading this have made some or know of ppls that have, let me know. Full cre…

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Bloody Honoured

A writer from 'Bloody Disgusting' just got in touch, he wants to do a review of SHRequiem!! #honoured

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Currently not sure...

Here's a poster of Henry. I love this poster, (so does Sam, he plays Henry, you may have seen him before, in oh I dunno, Thor 2, for example ) but I haven't released it officially as I think it may give the wrong impression of the film. I mean of course there is fighting in the film, melee and fire…

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Don't go down into the cellar...

"If you don't go down in the cellar, how can you call it a classic horror film?" - Joss Whedon
F'sure, but our Cheryl always takes precautions

I have a newly founded group on Facebook, please come join the community ;)

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