SHR Music Video

So once I have got Silent Hill Requiem finished, I think I am going to revisit this music video and re-edit it. We made this music video as a thank you after the film was crowdfunded and thus the cutaways within it are taken from the original Proof of Concept, which are of a different actress playing Heather. 
When I shot the Proof of Concept, that actually started off as a 2 minute short film, Olwen Davies wasn't available to be in it so another actress, Della Day, played the part for me. When the short became a PoC and was then successfully crowdfunded Della had to drop out due to other work commitments and Olwen came back on board.
So I plan to take out the PoC cutaways and put in ones from the finished film instead. I will also address the art style too, as I feel it is a little too dark in places, again this was the art style I used in the PoC that I refined when I came to making the final film. =D

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