And Time!

I have now finished editing the last shot of Silent Hill Requiem!! Only took me 3 years and 23 days 0_o

The entire shoot took around 30 days, with a few extra days for reshoots and additional content I felt the film needed during editing.

I am now editing shots for the Proof of Concept for Silent Hill Lazarus that will appear as an after credits scene for Requiem. Yeah I know sequel baiting, but there is more of a reason than wanting to make more.

The way I feel is that Silent Hill is not my universe to conclude, so there will always be more stories to come, whether they are from me, other fans or from the original designers themselves. So adding a teasers for a sequel reflects that concept, as well as encouraging those of you that have enjoyed SHRequiem to help me by donating to the budget of SHLazarus. (in case you are wondering about the choice of names, Requiem and Lazarus are Latin and roughly translate to Funeral and Rebirth)

Silent Hill Lazarus follows on 16 years after the events of SHRequiem and follows Jennifer, a British psychology student, who has  been invited to Silent Hill to do more research for her thesis on the psychosis derived from alternate dimensional energy fluxuation, a paper the US government hope to use in combating another Silent Hill incident. But it soon turns out that Silent Hill has other ideas for Jessica's arrival...

SHLazarus will be a webseries rather than another feature length film, following in the footsteps of other series' like Twin Peaks, X-Files and Stranger Days. The reason for this is because I want to be able to get the project out to the fans quicker, so working on smaller episodes will provide me with that ability. Each episode will be around 10 to 15 minutes in length, with the entire series being around the same length of time as SHRequiem (which currently sits at 2 hrs). This project is of course all dependant on crowdfunding, an Indiegogo campaign will launch the same day SHRequiem is released.

But before all that Silent Hill Requiem needs to be completed, all that is left to do is the sound, a trailer, and the DVD/Bluray compiling. So not done yet, but closer than I have ever been before =D


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